Cynosure launches CynoGlow revitalising treatment plan

01 Jun 2023

Aesthetic device company Cynosure has debuted its new CynoGlow treatment plan, combining Picosure Pro and Potenza for skin revitalisation.

According to the company, CynoGlow is a bi-layered sequential treatment plan to target the skin both superficially and deeply but combining microneedling from Potenza and picosecond laser from Picosure Pro.

Cynosure says the plan is appropriate for treatment of skin texture, skin laxity, pigmentation, fine line and wrinkles, active acne and acne scarring, both on the face and body. Both devices are suitable for all skin types, and three to four sessions are recommended to achieve optimal results, according to the company.

Dr Kristy Lau, aesthetic practitioner and medical director at Yuchi Medical, commented, “I base my treatment strategies on evidence-based topical therapies and truly value the unique needs of each patient, so the ability to create completely bespoke plans with CynoGlow fits perfectly with my personal ethos and that of the Yuchi Medical Clinic. We're thrilled to be the first provider in the UK and can’t wait to see the results!”


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