Dr Arthur Swift holds injectable training day in London

25 Sep 2023

On September 9, aesthetic manufacturer Prollenium Medical Technologies welcomed delegates to a one-day training course, conducted by Canadian plastic surgeon Dr Arthur Swift.

The day began with Dr Swift detailing his 12 principles of beauty, noting how both sides of the face should be sisters, not twins, with the lips being the only exception. 

He also discussed the Phi concept and how many famous landmarks around the world contain this ‘golden ratio’ including the Taj Mahal, and Apple and Toyota logos.

After a short break, Dr Swift detailed his techniques for treating different areas of the face including the forehead, mid-face, tear trough, cheeks and chin. He advised practitioners to ‘always treat the cheek first before tear troughs as it can sometimes fix this area.’

After lunch, Dr Swift performed live demonstrations on a male and female patient, detailing his treatment plan and injection techniques using the Revanesse range of dermal fillers.

Natalie Colbourne, general manager at Prollenium, said, “Prollenium UK was delighted to collaborate with the Swift Beauty team at their first event in the UK. Dr Swift is a true thought leader when it comes to his facial assessment and approach to injectables, and to see him using the Revanesse line of dermal fillers was a real privilege. We’re looking forward to our next opportunity to partner with him and his team.”


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