Half of junior doctors consider leaving the profession

06 Sep 2022

A new survey has revealed that nearly half of junior doctors are considering leaving their profession.

According to a new Medscape UK survey completed by 1,012 UK doctors, 36% of GPs and 25% of specialty doctors are considering leaving medicine to pursue an alternative career. Doctors under 45 were more likely to be considering the change than doctors over 45.

The results revealed that ‘burnout’ not tied to the COVID-19 pandemic was the top reason (37%) so many are considering a career change. Popular alternative career choices included working for healthcare business companies (33%), in education or teaching (32%), working for pharmaceutical companies (22%), writing (20%), in technology (17%) or switching to law (9%).

Despite this, for those considering changing careers, 34% felt no guilt or regret about the time or money spent getting a medical degree, compared to 21% who felt guilty or regretful about leaving medicine. This was especially strong in women doctors and in those under 45.


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