Advertorial: Help fund 40,000 Life-changing Operations

20 Nov 2020

Change the lives of children with facial differences

It’s coming to the end of the year and there’s still funds to raise. As a result of COVID-19, many training opportunities and operations have been put on hold, meaning children in Vietnam are still living with the physical and psychological difficulties of their facial difference. Your donations will go towards training Vietnamese doctors in the skills needed to carry out such challenging operations.

Dr Bui Tuan Anh is an ENT surgeon from Hong Ngoc Hospital in Hanoi. He came to the UK with Facing the World in 2017 and was so grateful for the experience.1

Dr Bui Tuan Anh said, “In Vietnam, sever malocclusion and skeletal discrepancies are met quite a lot, especially in poor patients because they have less chance to be examined and don’t always take care of their oral health. It is really hard for me to treat them because I do not have knowledge and experience in treating such severe cases.”

He continued, “I was so grateful for the opportunity to come to London. While there, I met so many experts, all who are so excellent and kind in sharing their knowledge. What I have learned will help me so much in diagnosing and treating my patients in Vietnam. The experience I had in London was so amazing and unforgettable. Your support for me is so precious and I really appreciate it.”


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