JCCP publishes social media guidelines

04 Oct 2019

The Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners (JCCP) has released new guidelines for its registrants to promote appropriate use of social media.

According to the JCCP, the move follows a rapidly increasing number of aesthetic practitioners using social media sites and platforms, some of which are using the sites unsuitably.

To create the Ethical Use of Social Media Code of Conduct’ guidelines, the JCCP has re-visited the social media guidelines issued by the key healthcare sector regulators to devise its own set for its registrants.

“The JCCP encourages the use of social media but believes this should be undertaken in a courteous and professional way that upholds public trust and confidence and in such a manner as to demonstrate respect for fellow practitioners,” executive chair of the JCCP, Professor David Sines, said.

He added. “In-keeping with professional healthcare regulators, the JCCP expects its members to follow the guidance set down in the newly published JCCP Ethical Use of Social Media Code of Conduct guidelines. The JCCP has reciprocal arrangements with the major healthcare regulators and will report registrants who are considered to be in breach of the Ethical Use of Social Media Code of Conduct’ guidelines.”

Within the guidelines is a ‘Social Media Posting Protocol’, which states that registrants need to be professional, respectful, maintain confidentiality and privacy, respect third party content, always permit the subject matter experts to respond and add value, know that the internet is permanent and keep personal views separate. It also explains that individuals are personally responsible for their words and actions and advises that when in doubt, do not post. 


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