Laser Lipo expands abroad

06 May 2021

UK manufacturer Laser Lipo has expanded the distribution of its Strawberry Laser to the Scandinavian region by partnering with health and wellbeing company Top Motion.

According to Laser Lipo, the Strawberry Laser Inch Loss device is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. The non-surgical Laser Lipo Strawberry machine is British manufactured. It delivers similar results to liposuction, without surgery, by reducing the size of fat cells, Laser Lipo states.

The Strawberry Lift machine comes with two treatment applicators; the lipolysis technology, which penetrates the skin to target fat cells through the chin applicator, allowing for targeted delivery of laser technology to fat cells, explains Laser Lipo. The silent ultrasound stimulates collagen production to combat skin laxity and wrinkles, the company states. 

Lisa Amey, director of Laser Lipo, stated, “We are delighted to appoint Top Motion. We believe that this relationship will create a high demand for Laser Lipo aesthetic treatments and our Strawberry Laser technology within the Scandinavian market.” 


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