Panel discussion addresses judgements on appearance

11 Aug 2023

Pharmaceutical company Sinclair held a Power Brunch in London to investigate the topic of women’s experiences with judgements on appearance.

The event held in central London included a panel of medical professionals and commentators, led by Tatler’s health and beauty editor at large Francesca Ogiermann-White. The panel included aesthetic practitioners Dr Sheila Nguyen, Dr Ahmed El Muntasar and managing director at CEW Sallie Berkerey.

The company’s #SayNoToJudgement campaign was shaped by a survey conducted by dermal filler brand MaiLi which revealed that 97% of 10,000 women believe they face judgement for the way they look.

During the panel, Ogiermann-White expressed her belief that despite the alarming statistics revealed by the study, it is imperative to join forces and collectively dismantle the stigma associated with aesthetic presentations. She posed a challenging question: ‘What does being a powerful woman mean to you?’

The ‘crab theory’ was touched on by Dr El Muntasar – a psychological concept wherein some individuals feel the need to bring others down to lift themselves up. He notes, “This mentality is particularly prevalent in the beauty industry. However, it is important to empower each other instead of pointing out flaws or making comparisons.”

Dr Ngygen also noted that it is essential to understand different patient demographics and job roles in the context of aesthetic treatments. She explains, “Clinicians need to lead conversations during consultations and consider the specific needs and goals of each patient.”     


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