Promoitalia debuts V-Tech exosome treatment

03 Aug 2023

Cosmetic product company Promoitalia has released synthetic exosome treatment system V-Tech.

According to the company, the V-Tech Serum is composed of synthetic exosomal structures, high molecular weight polydeoxyribonucleotides (about 2500KD) in a high concentration (20mg/ml) and biomimetic peptides. This combination is designed to activate patients’ cell receptors, thus slowing the skin’s ageing process through increasing collagen production and overall hydration, as well as boosting free radical defences.

The company notes that the microneedling treatment is particularly suitable for the face, neck, hands and feet, with maximum results achieved within two weeks of the first session. Additional sessions are advised based on each individual patient.

The system also contains a post-treatment mask containing hyaluronic acid and plant stem cells to enhance moisturising and bio-restructuring, plus polysaccharide fractions from snail slime to reduce inflammation, according to Promoitalia.

Basso Di Pasquale, pharmaceutical chemist, cosmetologist and director of the scientific department of Promoitalia, commented, “As always, pharmacological science, aesthetic medicine and cosmetic science aim to improve the actions of ingredients. As such, Promoitalia decided to produce a synthetic exosomal structure completely identical to those produced by stem cells but absent of any protein residue or transmembrane receptor. This structure is developed in a controlled environment using only an inert gas under specific conditions, thus is extremely pure and hypoallergenic.”


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