Sinclair Pharma launches aesthetic podcast

11 Nov 2020

Pharmaceutical company Sinclair Pharma has launched its own podcast called Authentic Aesthetic.

The company explains that each bi-monthly episode will focus on a unique topic and feature a different speaker.

Upcoming episodes include: My First Times in Aesthetics with aesthetic practitioner Dr Kuldeep Minocha, How Safe are Aesthetic Treatments? With clinic owner Ffyona McKeating, Lifting or Not Lifting with aesthetic practitioner Dr Leah Totton, Non-surgical Rhinoplasty? With consultant surgeons Mr Charles East and Miss Lydia Badia, Are We Doomed to Get Duckface? With aesthetic practitioner Dr MJ Rowland-Warmann, How Minimal Are Minimally Invasive Treatments? with Dr Ali Ghanem, All Things Collagen with surgeon Mrs Sabrina Shah Desai, and Is Filler Always the Best Solution? with aesthetic practitioner Dr Nina Bal.

Jo Neal, Sinclair Pharma brand manager, said, “We are committed to supporting our partner physicians, helping connect our professional community with existing and potential patients. We have developed a number of new ways to encourage a dialogue with potential patients and are also launching an accompanying consumer facing website, Aesthetic Insider, in collaboration with our leading practitioners, and can’t wait to share more news about this venture early in 2021.”


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