SkinGen UK launches new regenerative skincare range

23 Nov 2022

Dermatological distributor SkinGen UK Ltd has released a new skincare range, SkinGenuity Skin Health.

According to the company, the range uses Inter-Cell Messenger Technology (ICM) – which utilises growth factors and DNA-repairing enzymes – to aim to achieve rejuvenating results.

The range includes an at-home needling treatment for the delivery of growth factors directly into the skin at a depth of 0.2mm, and a range of serums, which the company says help improve overall skin health.

Aileen Cameron, director of SkinGen UK Ltd and brand owner of the SkinGenuity Skin Rejuvenation System, said, “This innovative skincare range can truly transform skin. Inter-Cell Messenger Technology repairs and regenerates cells that have died, giving life back to aged skin. Thanks to the SkinGenuity Skin Rejuvenation Home Kit, patients can continue to build on their in-clinic treatments for long-lasting results.”


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