Visible by Hannah: Enhancing Brand Clarity

01 Jan 2021

Photographer Hannah McClune’s monthly tips on how to strengthen your business through branding

Your brand is what distinguishes your clinic from others and shows your customers what to expect if they choose you. Here are the three steps simplified:

Step 1. Your brand strategy

This is the foundation. Decide who your target audience is and how you want to be seen by them. What are your clinic’s core values? What is your business direction and your goals? Once these are defined it will lead into step two.

Step 2. Your brand identity

Next comes the visuals for your company. They need to align with your strategy. The colours, textures, logo, fonts, packaging, photographs all being consistently recognisable. It also plays a big part in brand voice, the type of language you choose from the wording on your website to the tone of your social media captions.

Step 3. Your brand marketing

Finally, how you market yourself. The channels you choose – whether that is the social media platforms, advertising, your website, newsletters, the type of blogs and magazines you feature in – every medium needs to fit in with your initial brand strategy. Then how you appear in each place needs consistency in look and feel.


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