Dr Anjali Mahto shares new skin assessment approach

31 Aug 2021

Consultant dermatologist Dr Anjali Mahto has introduced a new skin assessment programme to her clinic.

The Skin MOT is an appointment which has two specific components. The first part involves a body skin check to screen for any changing moles, skin lesions, or signs of skin cancer on the patient. Once a skin cancer risk assessment has been taken and all moles examined with a dermatoscope, advice will be offered on mole monitoring and appropriate sun protection for any skin type, explains Dr Mahto.

The second half of the consult comprises of an aesthetic assessment to address concerns related to the ageing process of the skin with a focus on a longer-term treatment programme which discussing the optimisation of skincare routines, as well as cosmetic procedures which can be carried out including injectables, microneedling, peels and laser therapies, adds Dr Mahto.

Dr Mahto outlines that the appointment lasts for one hour and was created as she recognised a need in clinic for patient groups with multiple concerns.

Dr Mahto commented, “It became clear to me that I was having many patients returning over time for me to address both medical and cosmetic concerns. Being a consultant dermatologist means that I am confidently able to offer mole checks, skin cancer screening as well as appropriate treatments if a precancerous or cancerous lesion is diagnosed.” 


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